Board and Staff

Meet our Board of Directors

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (Habitat LA) is led by a Board of Directors who guide the organization strategically to accomplish Habitat LA’s mission of eliminating substandard housing.

Board members serve in a voluntary capacity and are not compensated for their time.

Meet our Leadership Staff

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles is a full service organization with a dedicated team of staff members that cover eight divisions focusing on real estate acquisition and sale, property development, construction, property management, mortgage lending, homeowner relations, community development and two retail stores.

Habitat LA Staff List

See the full staff of our local Habitat for Humanity house building and home renovation Los Angeles California affiliate.


Erin Rank

President & CEO

Isabel Lee

Corporate Project Manager

Sandy Keller

Office Coordinator


Veronica Garcia

VP of Advocacy & Community Engagement

Marcos Lopez

Director of Homeowner Relations

Oscar Morales

Homeowner Relations Intake Manager

Sylvia Bautista

Homeowner Relations Case Manager

Renne Sanchez

Home Repair Manager

Jecenia Gonzales

Homeowner Relations Coordinator


Steve Sferrino

VP of Construction & Real Estate

Robert Dwelle

Director of Housing Development and Design

Darrell Simien

Director of Real Estate Development

Melinda Goodbary

Real Estate Disposition Manager

Jack Masterson


Construction Project Manager

John Jasso

Site Superintendent

Gabriel Seguin


Site Superintendent

Juan Alfaro

Site Supervisor

Bethany Cobabe

Site Supervisor

Ken Hite


Construction Crew Leader

Jim Rupp


Construction Crew Leader

Kathy Sasaki

Construction Crew Leader

Kyle Shillington


Construction Crew Leader

Valerie Spankie

Construction Administrator

Yolanda Fike

Construction Finance Administrator

Richer Barbeau

Warehouse/Inventory Clerk


Adam Sisson

VP of Finance and Operations

Irving Gramajo


Holly Barsugli

Senior Accountant

Kezia Mungoma


Denise Loera-Smith

AP Specialist


Jessica Stone

Director of Human Resources


Jennifer Wise

VP of Development
Lester Fujimoto Director of Leadership Giving

Francesca Dibrito

Director of Foundation Relations

Caitlin Rose

Volunteer Services Manager

Chris Untiet

Faith & Community Relations Manager

Helen Dosta

Development Manager

Margie Hill Development and Database Manager
Heidy Rodriguez Development Coordinator


Jo-An Turman

Director of Entertainment Industry Partnerships

Yvonne Lara


Marketing Manager

Patty Lee


Associate Director of Special Events

Ali Mullin


EMC Coordinator


Dave McKechnie

VP of Retail Operations

David Freeman

Store Manager (Gardena)

Ryan Graham

Store Manager (Bellflower)

Ian McGough

Store Manager (Norwalk)

Karen Moore

ReStore Materials Acquisitions Manager

Rudy Trabanino

Assistant Store Manager (Gardena)

Greg Bisenieks

Assistant Store Manager (Bellflower)

Fernando Hernandez

Assistant Store Manager (Norwalk)

Jessica Jaquay

ReStore Donations Coordinator 1

Leticia Crisantos

ReStore Donations Coordinator

Andrew Rodriguez


Hector Valdez


Richer Barbeau

on loan to Construction

Jason Buzard

Warehouse/Sales Associate (Bellflower)

Gerardo Cervantes

Warehouse/Sales Associate (Bellflower)

Miguel Lopez

Warehouse/Sales Associate (Gardena)

Jesus Moreno

Warehouse/Sales Associate (Gardena)

Gale Ivey

Warehouse/Sales Associate (Norwalk)

Jessica Farfan

Cashier (Bellflower)

Diana Perfecto

Cashier (Gardena)

Samantha Hayes

Cashier (Norwalk)